Cine Al Borde in new languages!

Escrito el 8 de febrero del 2021, por Al Borde Producciones.

The transfeminist lens of Al Borde productions was ignited in 2001 and ever since, lots of stories that challenge the hegemonic orders over gender and sexuality have been brought to the screen. In our twenty years of history we have created 50 videos of many audiovisual genres: 29 documentaries, 8 spots, 3 animations, 16 web series episodes, 2 video clips, 6 experimental short films and 1 medium-lenght film, all across South America, through art-ivist and community film making programs.

The extensive videography of Al Borde has crossed multiple frontiers, thanks to alliances and generous collaborations with friends from all over the world as well as the constant work we began in 2011 of auvisual distribution, where we have learned the importance of translating and subtitling to other languages so that our stories may be visible to many more people around the world.

In 2021, to celebrate our second decade of Cine Al Borde, we have set ourselves to the task of making 3 video collections in 3 different languages in our Vimeo channel: English, French and Portuguese, which will be launched all throughout the year. Thus allowing us to continue sharing our brave stories of sexual and gender dissidences in South America, because our stories deserve to be told!

Collection Al Borde in English 

To close the launch of our new collections, today is the turn for English subtitles. This time we count on with the invitation of two dear colleagues whose works have inspired and cheered through their work in Al Borde Productions: Liliana Huego, Photographer and Film maker from the queer, lesbian and tomboy communities, living in Tijuana, Mexico and Keo Drew from QWOCMAP (Queer women of color media art project) a collective 100%  dedicated to creation, distribution and exhibition of media projects created by queer people of color in San Francisco, EU.

In this channel you will find 18 short films, including What is Barbie Playing?? (2004) and  Memoirs od Weird Girls” (2006) directed by Clau Corredor y Ana Lucía Ramirez, these pieces mark our beginning and with them, those of queer activist film making in Colombia. You will also find autobiographical documentaries created at the Community Film Making School Al Borde where trans, lesbian and queer activists from many places in South America tell their stories in their own voice. 

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